PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT: Deposit and Payment. The Client shall pay a deposit of the amount of the session fee to the Photographer to perform the services specified herein and is NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERRRABLE. The client shall pay the deposit upon booking a session. The remaining fee shall be paid by the client on the date of the session. These payments are payable via EFTPOS, cash or paypal. Payment plans: payments must be paid on the agreed time and amount discussed with the photographer. If you miss a payment that was agreed upon it must be caught up within 1 week, if the payment is not caught up you will incur a $50 late fee on top of owing payments.

VIEWING AND ORDERING APPOINTMENT: An in person consolation to review the proofs will be scheduled within 4 weeks of the session date. Photographer retains the right to edit the photographs as she sees fit based on experience and expertise. Any images that do not meet her standards. You have no more than 5 weeks to arrange a date for this viewing and ordering session. If you fail to arrange a date or fail to turn up at your arranged date without sufficient notice for your viewing and ordering session before the 5 week time period. There will be a $50 archive retrieval fee if you fail to make an appointment and a $30 second viewing and ordering session if you fail to make the first appointment booked. All EXTRA images must be paid for before the package as a whole can be taken home.

CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT: Client understands that by entering into this agreement, Photographer is foregoing other photographic jobs. In the event of a cancellation or postponement of the portrait session/agreement by Client, the deposits paid are non-refundable/non transferrable. Deposits are transferable if a date change is necessary only ofr same package. 72 hours notice of postponements or cancellations is required, if the client does not give 72 hours sufficient notice there will be a $70 second viewing fee. If it is not possible for a session to take place on a scheduled day due to rain, Photographer and Client will reschedule on an agreed date at the earliest date possible, with no additional charge. Same applies for viewings, $30 second viewing fee if you fail to turn up at your chosen time.

DIGITAL NEGATIVES, PRINTS & COPYRIGHT: All images and copyrights are the property of Jordan Leigh Photography ("Photographer"). In services providence provided, Photographer retains the exclusive right to copy, edit and distribute any/all images created under this agreement, to the general public, for any reason, including but not limited to: advertising, marketing, sales. The negatives/digital files remain sole property of Photographer and will never be given or sold.The client may print (on their own) their personal photographs with the written consent of Photographer only once in possession of the digital images. Unless discussed otherwise.

MODEL RELEASE: I grant the photographer, Jordan Leigh Photography, the right to take photographs of myself and my children. If the subject is a minor I certify that I am legally able to give consent for the minor child/children. I authorise the photographer to use and publish the photographs in print/and or electronic purposes. eg. Facebook unless discussed otherwise.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: We take the utmost care with respect to the exposure, retouching, and transportation of digital captures, proofs and prints. However, in the unlikely event that all the originals are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed within or beyond Photographer’s control, Photographer’s liability is limited to the refund of all payments received, or a reshoot can be scheduled at no additional cost. The limit of liability for partial loss or damage of originals shall be a prorated amount of the total amount, based on the percentage of originals lost or damaged. In the unlikely event that Photographer is injured or becomes too ill to attend the portrait session, Photographer will make every effort to reschedule to the earliest possible date. If the situation should occur, and the portrait session must take place on the scheduled date, Photographer will make every effort to secure a replacement photographer. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received.

In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for the indirect or consequential loss.

Refunds - The session fee is non refundable as it holds your place in Jordan Leigh Photography’s booking calendar.  Jordan Leigh Photography’s agreed not to book another client during the same time period. There are no refunds on Digital images or prints, nor for accepted products.

Lateness - If the client is late to a session, the session will still continue untill the scheduled end time. The client understand that tardiness may limit the number of images available for their gallery. 30 minute portrait sessions will be considered cancelled if the client is an 15 minuets or more late. Newborn sessions will be considered cancelled the client is more than 20 minuets for more late. If the client fails to turn up without appropriate notice, There will be a $30 second sitting fee. If client fails to attend second sitting there will be no further liability with respect to the agreement .

Re- Edits - If the client is not happy with particular editing or colour quality of any image(s), the photographer will make adjustments one time.. Extra retouching above and beyond the normal adjustments of an image will be subject to $20 per image fee. This includes, but is not limited to removing bulges from tight clothing, intense skin retouching, and removing logos, etc.